Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This made me so happy this morning..... a tiny piece of bark -18 march 2009


18 March 2009. crust bubble in the shape of a heart


18 March 2009. Drop of water on the stool in the bathroom

Sunday, March 15, 2009

dried rose petal

march 12

washing my hands, went to throw the paper towel away and this was at the top on the waste basket

walking to the co-op

Monday, March 9, 2009

an onion and a tomato meeting in the middle to form a heart on my dinner plate 3/9/09

sunken pavement #2

water on the pavement #2

piece of tomato in penne pasta 3/9/09

broken piece of ice that fell out of the freezer 3/9/09

piece of styrofoam on plywood walkway 3/9/09

water on pants

finding hearts

Finding hearts has taught me a lot about love over these last few weeks. I started taking it for granted that I saw them and they lost their magic for me 1 day. Then I came to the realization that that is what we do in life. We take love and it's magic for granted because we are too busy or too stressed or have built too many complicated layers over our heart. My kids still get excited from seeing hearts which reminded me that in love we have to love whole heartedly and purely. Love is every where, we just have to look but if you blink it can disappear....

my daughter's dinner nugget 3/10/09

chili flake on penne 3/10/09

Earle's heart

My friend Earle told me he found a it is