Wednesday, February 25, 2009


eel roll found today wed 25 feb 2009

of course!

I was sitting in my car today Wednesday Feb 25, 2009 and I was flipping to a book, making phone calls and killing time and of course I happened on this!

gum on the pavement #4

flake of fish food


It is such a shame you cannot see the bruising on this apple as it was a great heart!

key hole


tissue on the floor

water stain on rubber gloves

2 steps in pavement

on the floor near some trash cans

Saturday, February 21, 2009

heart the ox

This little Ox was born in Japan on January 25th 2009


It's the best feeling in the,  and finding it exists all around. Finding hearts in every thing and being happy with that until you are met with friends and lovers that share with that sentiment and want to be an additive to that formula and not a being exhausting that beauty, that moment.

another friend's facebook profile pic

Saturday, February 14, 2009

profile pic

This is my friend's profile pic on facebook. He has no idea of my blog.  I love the different colored hands


finger lined heart in pavement #2


I made a real effort to not take pictures of any Valentine's day related hearts but couldn't resist the poetic appeal of this because it was behind bars....

from california with love....

So apparently, when I called my sister in spirit in California to tell her about the hearts I keep finding, she found this on the ground near her feet when we hung up the phone and she brought it to me on February 10th. 

graffiti Marcy Ave

One of the things I really enjoy about taking these heart pictures is when people see me taking the pictures and stare and wonder why I am taking it. I love the ability to not care what people think and enjoy the moment. My kids have taught me that, love has taught me that.

gum on the pavement #3

gum on the pavement #2

newspaper on the ground flying away

piece of concrete in the tree in front of my brownstone

boys and men

I was walking with my daughter, my son, and one of my best friend/sisters in spirit in the East Village on Tuesday Feb 10th. My son asked me to take this picture. I hesitated, he said "mommy it's still a heart". I showed two of the men my heart values the most in life and the two of them enjoyed my son's choice of heart so I decided to post it. It is not whimsical but it sure is a cute story enjoyed by heart's 2 favorite men prompted by my favorite boy


Oh love is great, so present yet for many so elusive. One of my favorite quotes sums it up best "DANCE as though no one is watching you LOVE as though you have never been hurt before SING as though no one can hear you LIVE as though heaven is on earth.
I see hearts everyday ever since I had an old friend re-enter my life. Coincidence? Serendipity?
I don't know but I enjoy the magic.
I was in my friend's kitchen last night (Friday Feb 13)  talking about this new/old friend and as I was telling my friend about him I look into the glass cabinet at that precise moment, see a box of cereal with what else a heart on it......When magic happens, does it happen in an unbalanced manner? Is it felt by one and not another? I hope to think it is there for all parties to see if they can let go of their mental stronghold and see with their hearts and not their minds. My children remind me of that everyday. I heard a wise man say once Love is a water we can swim in and like a fish, you cannot offer it to another fish but merely hope the other fish swims with you in it.