Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in 1999 I took a trip with a guy I was dating and I met this incredible woman. In her living room she had a ledge filled with HEART SHAPED ROCKS. She and her husband took walks on the beach every night. After her husband died she decided she did not have to stop taking these walks. Even though there were only 1 set of feet walking on the sand rather than 2, she still had her evening conversations with him. When her conversation was done, she would find a heart shaped rock. 
In March of 2008 I was out with my children and best friend and her son for dinner. My daughter wiped her mouth on the napkin and the syrup from the dessert that was wiped from her lips left the imprint of a heart........
In August of 2008 we all went on a camping trip and I told my friend that I wanted to find a love like that woman, a love that transcends life and lives forever and on that trip I found 8 heart shaped rocks.
From that day I have not stopped seeing hearts.
Funnily enough 10 years later the man I took that trip with has re-entered my life and I told him of these hearts I keep finding. With perfectly coupled disbelief and humor like only he can deliver he did not believe me. So I started taking pictures of my hearts. Here is my site with all the hearts I find.
I hope you enjoying seeing them as much as I enjoy the magic that lets me see them

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